Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double Diva Sunflowers and My New Photo Cube

Double Diva Sunflowers


Lights, cameras, action! Double Diva Sunflowers was drying on the easel as I assembled my new photo cube tent, which just arrived a few hours ago. I've struggled for years with trying to get photos of paintings with no glare, having to tilt them or go outside during certain times when the sun was at just the right angle. Last week, I ordered the photo tent kit from Discount Tommy. It was easy to put together, though one of the little spotlights immediately broke, and the other started melting after being plugged in for five minutes. I was still pretty proud I figured out how to pop up the cube. Next I have to figure out how to re-fold it! Since the instructions that arrived with the package were indecipherable, I will be on Youtube this evening, watching instructional videos that others have kindly shared. Wish me luck. If I can't refold it, the pugs will have a new tent to hang out in!

My new photo cube, in action!
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