Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bright Side Sunflowers and a Peek Inside the Studio

The Bright Side Sunflowers


The Bright Side Sunflowers is a new work drying on the easel, and was a perfect excuse to step away from the large container garden that has been hounding me for a few days. I had a goal of creating an entire container garden without including sunflowers, but once I was three quarters of the way through, I gave in. I could no longer fight the urge and had to pop in just a few. I made them small, which I felt was a nice compromise. And with all those blues in the background, of course there needed to be some yellow respite. There now, have I made my case sufficiently? Well, I've at least convinced myself, it was the right thing to do.

This new container garden will be done soon, and if it is not sold before it makes the trip, is destined for the new location of The Good Art Company Gallery, which has just moved to a larger venue across the street. I can hardly wait to see the new space! I promise to share pictures, as soon as I get a chance to visit my favorite city in Texas, Fredericksburg.

A new container garden in the works...

I gave in and added sunflowers! Almost done....
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