Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Breeze, Hydrangeas of the Dallas Arboretum

Blue Breeze Hydrangeas


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Blue Breeze hydrangeas is based on the blossoms of my favorite place to paint, the Dallas Arboretum. A few of my photos of their hydrangea gardens from last spring are below - these beauties stretched as far as the eye could see. Hydrangeas seem to do very well in North Texas, as long as they have shade and plenty of water. They are such lush, large flowers, and I think, after sunflowers, are my absolute favorites.

I found a few blue ones, hiding under the pinks!

This one was my favorite....I loved the purple hues.


Autumn Leaves said...

They are second only to lilacs in my book too, Nancy. This is one gorgeous painting and I love the deep shadows of the bush you've captured around the blooms. So lovely!

Katie Wilson said...

The first word that came to mind was "luscious".

Becky Brocato said...


Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry, we are both fans of those purpley blue hues!!

Katie thank you, I could never walk by a hydrangea without my heart going pitty pat.

Thanks Becky! I hope you are staying warm down there!!!

Momza said...

Hi Nancy,
I'ma new follower. I just wanted to say that I love coming here and seeing what new beauty you've created each day. Just beautiful!! This Blue Breeze peice makes me want to have an entirely blue room in my home. So inspiring! I work for a home interior designer, and have forwarded your link to her because I just love your work so much! I hope she uses you!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, thank you Momza! what a wonderful compliment.

Karen Bruson said...

Gorgeous color. Congrats on the sale.