Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jar of Wishes, Sunflowers and Daisies

Jar of Wishes, Sunflowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
My Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Art

I always feel a little guilty when I leave the grocery store with an armful of flowers, a bag of chips and some cookies instead of eggs and cheese like normal people. The checkout clerks at Kroger give one another a knowing look when they see me push my cart up to the line filled with flowers. They haven't quite gotten over the day I set a vase full of flowers on the conveyer belt from the refrigerated section of the floral department (where things are so marked up in price only insane flower smitten artists would purchase them). When the lovely bouquet in its vase reached the "end" of the conveyer belt, over it went, spilling a quart of ice cold water everywhere.

These sunflowers and delphiniums were a bit better behaved in the checkout line. They braved the Texas heat all the way home and stayed perky for their careers as professional models in Flower Mound Studio this evening.

Sunflowers doing their best to remain perky

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sanctuary, Flowers at the Dallas Arboretum

Sanctuary by Nancy Medina

Sanctuary was a painting begun on site in the Women's Garden of the Dallas Arboretum. The title of this painting is one that I thought would fit a place where women can come for safety, solace and peace. There are fountains and a reflecting pool in the Women's Garden, and it looks out over White Rock Lake. The last time I visited the garden a bride was having her photos made in front of the reflecting waters. I said a quiet prayer that her life would be filled with happiness and strength.

The Women's Garden
Dallas Arboretum

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Giving Heart, Sunflowers and Delphiniums

A Giving Heart, Sunflowers by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

It was a beautiful day in Dallas today, and not just because the sun was shining. I painted A Giving Heart in tribute to a group of people who gave time and donations to make a difference in the life of a 7 year old disabled pug named Puddin Pop. Today was a beautiful day because Puddin Pop got her wheels.

When I'm not in the studio, one of my passions is volunteering for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. It's a sad distinction, but we are now the largest pug rescue in the nation. Puddin came to us 4 weeks ago from a Dallas shelter where she had been dumped by her former owners. She has severe osteoarthritis and degenerative disease in her spine. She needed a full body cart because her injuries had been untreated for so long, she will be disabled for life.

Puddin has struck a chord in the hearts of our rescue group. She tries so hard to keep up with the other pugs in her foster home, dragging herself along and hobbling until she falls. Now she will have wheels so she can join all the activities much more easily. Puddin is starting a new chapter in her life, and will never be neglected or forgotten again, thanks to the giving hearts of a group of donors and volunteers.

Puddin Pop with her new wheels today

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Darling Clementines, Pansies and Geraniums

Darling Clementines, Pansies and Geraniums
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

The Good Art Company Gallery
Nancy Medina Web Site

Darling Clementines is a painting I enjoyed creating, introducing a fun element with the Clementine crate and surrounding it with some of my favorite bright flowers.

It's quiet in the studio this evening, the pugs have retired early after a day of strenuous pug activity (ie, nap, sleep, eat, nap, sleep, eat, ad infinitum). All of the TVs in the house are turned off so it is quiet, and even though it is still warm outside, there is a nice breeze blowing on the back porch. Summer nights in Texas always remind me of my childhood on Briar Patch farm, running barefoot up and down the dirt driveway with my three sisters in the dark, daring one another to go all the way to the mailbox and come back, with the stars above the trees as our only light. I'm much too old to run barefoot down my mother's driveway in the dark anymore. But I still enjoy stepping outside her porch in the evenings to see the stars. They light up the sky like diamonds.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Violet Vision Iris Duo

Violet Vision Iris Duo


Violet Vision is drying on the easel this evening. We've had a break from the triple digit heat in Dallas today with thunderstorms rolling into North Texas. The weekend weather was perfect, however, for an outdoor bath for Annie.

Mmmm, this smells lovely...

Are you sure you shouldn't bathe Howard first Dad?

Two words: abject misery

This is not my happy face.

Where's my reward Mom???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rose Lane

Rose Lane by Nancy Medina

Rose Lane is drying on the easel this evening as I finish up packaging two paintings that will ship to collectors here in the Lone Star State. My talented friend Sharon's photography inspired this work, and you can see her beautiful creations on her photography blog, A New England Life. Sharon's work follows the changing seasons of New England and in particular her own little spot of heaven in New Hampshire. Over the years she has gained a tremendous following and if you take a peek at her beautiful Exeter, NH, sunset paintings today, you will become a fan, too.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Quiet Morning Geraniums - 1st Place Trinity Arts Winner

A Quiet Morning Geraniums by Nancy Medina
First Place
2010 Trinity Arts Open Show
Oil on Canvas

I was absolutely thrilled this evening to receive the first place award in the Trinity Arts Guild Open Show for A Quiet Morning, Geraniums. There were many great artists from all over the US in the show, so I was incredibly honored. Even better, I can use the award check to help pay for the air conditioner that went out at our house today!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warm Wishes - Poppies

Warm Wishes, Poppies by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

We are frying eggs on the sidewalks in Dallas today, so I thought Warm Wishes was a good title for this new poppy painting drying on the easel this evening. The studio is an absolute mess, but the large iris commission is finished!

Annie Bee, despite the busy studio schedule, managed to convince me to throw her ball for her several dozen times today. About 6 throws during each session, to avoid overheating the pug, with sessions broken up into one hour intervals. She has mapped out this entire system for me and has a checklist on the kitchen door each time I achieve one of her goals. She is a demanding studio director, but the evening snores and snuggles make it all worthwhile.

Annie Bee's Sunday itinerary

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Going My Way Iris and a Coronado Dream Cottage

Going My Way Iris by Nancy Medina
Detail from 24X30 Iris Commission


Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

Going My Way Iris is the focal point of a landscape commission under construction in Flower Mound Studio this week. The painting is almost complete, and includes a home, a small herd of cattle and a variety of yellow, fuschia and blue and white irises in the foreground. This was my first time to paint cattle, and fortunately they were in the distance, so I didn't have to achieve the amazing color, depth and quality some master cow painters like Angela Elledge do with no effort whatsoever. As soon as this new painting is dry and the family has approved it, it will be packaged, shipped and mailed to the Hill Country.

Below I've shared a few more pictures from our trip to Coronado, California, for my solo art show at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. As we were pulling into downtown on Orange Avenue, we saw a couple standing and looking at my painting in the front gallery window. It's about the closest I'll ever come to being famous, in an anonymous kind of way. We are frying eggs on the sidewalk in Dallas this week. Wherever you are, stay cool and keep your critters indoors where they belong!

I love the window boxes in this Coronado Dream Cottage.

My painting "Hopes and Dreams" at the Coronado Gallery

Friday, June 4, 2010

Coronado Glow - Sunflowers from Coronado Island

Coronado Glow by Nancy Medina


Coronado Glow is the newest bouquet blooming on the easel this evening, and is based on the flowers of Coronado Island in Southern California. In addition to having one of the best galleries in the world (okay, I'm biased because I'm in it), this idyllic island is populated with a plethora of amazing cottage flower gardens.

We usually fly out at least once a year to Coronado for my solo show at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. Each time, I wear out the shoe leather walking up and down the streets to see all of the beautiful homes. It's rapture for flower lovers, and I've definitely been branded among the lowest order of petal paparazzi, snapping pictures of houses and flowers with absolutely no restraint or decorum whatsoever. I've shared a few of my favorites with you here. If you're ever in So Cal, stop into the gallery and say hi to Jill, Trisha, Glenn and Rog - they love visitors and you will love the flowers!

I couldn't help myself, after all the gate WAS open!

So many flowers, so little time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remembering Thoreau, Lilacs

Lilacs: Remembering Thoreau
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

Remembering Thoreau, Lilacs, is a tribute to the environmental naturalist, Henry David Thoreau, who died in 1862. The oil slick in the Gulf is moving inland, and I am afraid we have not yet even conceived of the implications of this environmental disaster. Thoreau was one of my favorites in high school. I wonder what he would have to say today about what has happened.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Festive Flowers and a New Web Site

Festive Flowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

I've neglected my blog for a few days, working on an iris landscape commission and polishing off the bells and whistles of my new Web site! Please take a peek and let me know what you think. It still needs a bit of work, but I am so excited to finally have the ability to make changes myself any time I need them. I can change the front page image any time I want now - I changed it three times yesterday just because I could - w00t!

Browse around and click the buttons and have fun!

A profusion of blossoms in the studio this week!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lone Star Lilac Texas Landscape Painting

Lone Star Lilac by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

What a perfect Saturday morning at Flower Mound Studio. The assistants and I took a break from the work station and spent some time in the garden this morning, watching the dew dry. Annie was focused on chasing the ball, while Howie monitored the skies for any birds who dared to violate his air space. Java made sure that the garden hose monster did not escape without a good chewing before it could escape into its coil by the water spigot. All is right with the world.

Annie has one goal this morning...

Howie likes to participate in all important morning activities, especially breakfast!

Java enjoys a tasty fern from the garden.

The back porch garden: A nice place to start the morning...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue Blossoms Iris

Blue Blossoms Iris by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

My model was great. In exchange for some miracle
grow and a lovely box in which to sink her toes,
she stood still for hours!

It was a busy day at Flower Mound Studio, I picked up my award winning painting From the Heart Sunflowers from the Jaycees Center for the Arts and delivered it to a show at the Irving Arts Center. Then I took nine new paintings to the Dutch Art Gallery in Lake Highlands, Dallas. I love driving out there and visiting with Pam and Jill, they have such a great place and I can never leave without a few new frames! When I got home I double-gessoed 25 new canvases and I am ready to start two commissions this weekend. I spent a while working on my new Web site and then I picked up the brushes and paints and this little iris arrived.

Sometimes I wonder if I am absolutely obsessed with painting and I have truly gone over the deep end. One thing, however, is for certain: I sure am having a great time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wild Things

Wild Things by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

What do you paint when you can't decide which flower you want to paint? A little of everything gets thrown into the pot. Wild Things is a new Texas wildflower landscape drying on the easel tonight in Flower Mound Studio. The studio assistants are "plumb tuckered out" because we opened a bag of new toys this afternoon. After a few hours of absolute manic joy for the helpers, the new squeaky toys were put away for another day.

I found this old picture of my original three fatties in my files this evening. Winnie Wiggles is pictured here with Howie and Java. Winnie is in pug heaven now, but sometimes it still feels like she is right here beside me, where she always sat by my chair in the studio, my little angel girl.

Winnie, Howie and Java

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thistle Dreams and Painting at the Dallas Arboretum

Thistle Dreams by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

The thistles at the Dallas Arboretum are a bit bigger
than the ones that you typically see growing wild
along the Texas highways...

Painting plein aire at the Dallas Arboretum
is easy when you have someone to do all
the heavy lifting for you, between breaks!

Sunscreen - check! Goofy hat - check!


Candid camera - check!
PS the piano music was coming
from terrace nearby.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Shadows iris and a Tour of the Birch Aquarium

Blue Shadows Iris by Nancy Medina

The Birch Aquarium is a part of the Scripps Oceanography Institute.
Carlos and I visited when I was in San Diego for my solo art show in April.

As you enter the building, you see these amazing fountains.
I wish now I had taken the time to read the name of the sculptor.

If you look closely you can see the hummingbirds feasting
on these wonderful plants. There were dozens!

Although the seahorse exhibit was featured, the real show stealers
at Birch are the kelp forests. The educational center told the story of
how the ocean creatures that live in these kelp forests
are disappearing. Our visit took place just weeks before
the catastrophic oil spill in the Texas Gulf.

It breaks my heart and I cannot even watch the news,
to think of these beautiful creatures dying, and their
habitats destroyed, likely permanently.

There is a kind of poetry to the movement and the waves
and a perfect serenity to the underwater life that is so foreign to us
land creatures.

The back terraces of the aquarium look out over the Pacific Coast.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Orange Delight - Roses and a Tour of Weston Gardens

Orange Delight - Roses by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

Welcome back - here are more images from Weston Gardens
in Fort Worth, Texas. Check out my post yesterday for the scoop.
I love how the flags lead you into these historic sunken gardens!

The stone patios were shady and cool, even though
it was 90 degrees and humid in Texas that day.

I have seen a similar fountain to this one at the Terrell State Hospital
in Terrell, Texas, another historical landmark. I wonder if they
came from the same manufacturer many years ago.

Metal sculptures were scattered throughout
the gardens adding charm and color.

Of course I fell in love with this pot!!

Some of the visitors looked rather permanent...

And then I spied this!!! What do you think, shall we???

Maybe we should say a little prayer first.

After you...