Friday, April 23, 2010

Violet Miracle and a Tour of Argyle Acres Iris Gardens

Violet Miracle Iris by Nancy Medina


From my Back Yard Iris Garden
Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

If you follow my blog, you can just imagine how excited I was yesterday to drive out to Argyle Acres Iris Garden. They are officially open for the iris season! Argyle Acres is just up the road from Flower Mound Art Studio.

I got there early, feeling pretty clever and proud of myself, but, as you can see, a few other folks had the same idea. A good thing, too, the farm was already sold out of some of its most popular blooms!

This was one of the best iris crops in years, thanks to the snowfall in Texas this past winter. Check out how Joe and Donna Spears arrange the viewing tables with dozens of irises on display.

I was tickled pink to see Joe and Donna and get to take a peek inside their beautiful log home. Donna wanted to show me the Edenite Iris, this beautiful dark bloom she is holding in the picture above. This iris is more than 30 years old and the colors were almost impossible to capture well on film. Black velvet with crimson reflections - spectacular!

Joe and Donna won the Sweepstakes award at the Fort Worth iris show this year. Their ribbons and awards were sprinkled throughout the showing tables. This year I planned better - the hubby was at work, so I got to purchase mega-irises without any adult supervision whatsoever!

My favorite irises are these dramatic blooms where there are two distinct colors. You are probably thinking by now I could tell you the name of every iris, aren't you? Holy cow I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I was lucky not to trip over rocks while taking pictures!

Hands down my favorite iris of the day, and I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong, the Yellow Pop iris, a lovely golden yellow orange.

There were hundreds of other irises in full bloom, Palace Choir, Telepathy, Titan's Glory, Private Treasure, Swertii, and so many others I cannot recall. But I am repeatedly drawn to the purple and blue blooms, they are so fun to paint!

I met some great people at the farm that day, and we were all so excited we were like schoolkids at an ice cream buffet. If you haven't had your fill, be sure to check out the photos on the web site for Argyle Acres. Now I am counting the days until a big ole box of iris rhizomes will arrive on my doorstep! Thanks for joining me again this year for the tour. I had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunflower Daze and a Solo Show on Coronado Isle

Sunflower Daze - Hydrangeas and Daisies
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Canvas

Art and Frames by Wood Gallery

My demo painting for the solo show on Coronado Island

A delightful guest, Ann Mitchell, artist and resident of Coronado Island

A few of my guests, including a monarch
butterfly who happened by!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my solo show in Coronado, California on Saturday at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. We had beautiful weather, a great turnout, and lots of delicious things to eat. There were a couple of guests of honor, including Ann Mitchell, a longtime resident of Coronado Island. Ann is an artist who spent the day delighting us all with stories about the island. She reminded me so much of my Great Aunt Marie I almost could not bear to tell her goodbye.

We also had a surprise appearance by a monarch butterfly who hovered about my sunflower demo painting, made a few cogent suggestions (add more pollen, etc), and then floated gracefully away to a more dew-laden selection of buds nearby. I'll share more pictures from Coronado Island and my art show with you over the next few weeks. For flower lovers, the island is like Disneyland with free rides and no lines!

Glenn and Trisha and Rog from the gallery did an
amazing job and kept me laughing all day.

The gallery garden is a beautiful place to paint, yes?

Jill, the gallery owner, wore colors
that matched my painting! How on
earth did she know?

Jill fixed up a whole
wall of my paintings for the show.

Someone had just said something very funny...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yellow Pansy Iris

Yellow Pansy Iris by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site
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April 10 is just a few days away, and if you've read my blog before, you know it marks the grand opening of the Argyle Acres Iris Farm. Carlos and I have rhizomes planted and sprouting beautifully in our new back yard iris planter box - and the flowers are on the verge of appearing. Joe and Donna, the geniuses and owners behind this amazing farm, sent me a note the other day (yes a note to me!!!) saying that the flowers will be best after April 17, so I will have to make more than one trip out. It will be tough, but I think I can force myself.

For directions to the Farm, check out their Web Site!
For a 7-minute tour of the irises there, here is the Video on their site.
Enjoy and hope to see you there!

My fav irises from
Argyle Acres Iris Farm

Monday, April 5, 2010

East Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet Dusk by Nancy Medina


A few miles from the organic farm where I grew up is a little town called Kemp, Texas. Every spring along Highway 175 some of the most lush bluebonnet fields in East Texas line the highways and meadows near this community.

The photos below were taken two years ago in Kemp when my husband and I and our pug Winnifred Wigglepants were on our way home from a visit to friends in Tyler, Texas. Winnie Wiggles was my heart and my love, my little velcro pug. She lost her battle with GME encephalitis 6 months later, but her memory will never fade.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Blooms Geraniums

Easter Blooms Geraniums by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Artist contact:
Nancy Medina Web Site

Easter blooms is the newest painting from Flower Mound Studio, and it's a sad evening here. A young friend lost his fight with a brain tumor yesterday and the world has lost someone who always had a smile for others. Even when he could no longer speak, he would give the thumbs up to anyone who visited and came to speak to him.

As I grow older I am increasingly convinced that all good souls will be in heaven long before those of us below think it is their time. My heart goes out to his wife and his family, and to my brother in law who thought of him as a brother, too.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Blossoms Hydrangeas

Blue Blossoms Hydrangeas by Nancy Medina
Art and Frames by Wood Gallery

The large canvases are filling the studio again, and it's almost time to ship everything to California for the show on Coronado Island. I haven't explained to my studio assistant Anniebelly that this is one gallery gala she will not be able to attend. Fortunately her Aunt Bitsy will be available to entertain her every whim while Carlos and I travel to West Coast for the show.

I'm excited to see the Island again, and the cottage gardens and picket fences that make this such an unforgettable place to visit. If you are in the area, stop by Art and Frames by Wood Gallery April 17 and say hello! I would love to see you there.

Painting in the Garden at
Art and Frames by Wood Gallery
in Coronado, CA

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pansies Le Petite

Pansies Le Petite by Nancy Medina


This little work of pansies is one of many that will spring from all the inspiration I received from the Dallas Arboretum over the past few weeks. This is the absolute best time of year to visit the Arboretum. The picture below was taken last summer on a day I was painting in the garden, the arboretum tulip season was over but the delphiniums were in full sway!

I'm hoping to get out there again in the next few weeks, while the blooms are at their peak. If you see a lady in a goofy hat in the arboretum with green paint on her nose, that'll be me!

Me looking goofy in the Arboretum

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flowers That Brave the Texas Heat

Hidden Treasures Geraniums by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas

This little geranium painting is going to a new home Sunday, and since the winter is officially over in Texas, I thought it would be fun to re-visit this post from July 2009 - enjoy some summer flowers with me!

Geraniums are so tough, these survived the mild winter and returned
to bloom again on our deck this summer. They love the dry weather.

We have two crepe myrtles in our back yard. One is struggling,
but this one has a full head of purple blossoms. The more
sun the better for these guys. nodp

I think these are ragdoll sunflowers, do you know? I buy
packets of seeds and plant them every spring. Some years
they come up, sometimes our birds decide the seeds are a snack.


I confess these flowers are blooming at my mom's house
in East Texas. I wish I could grow them like she can. Her climate
is a bit more conducive to beautiful blossoms.

I transplanted these sunflowers from seedlings into a new
planter box by our back fence. I love how they look against
the worn wood slats of the fence, don't you?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreams of Color - Hydrangeas

Dreams of Color - Hydrangeas by Nancy Medina


Palette Knife on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site
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Tulip beds of the Dallas Arboretum

Here is another image from the Dallas Arboretum this week. I love visiting flower gardens and am counting the days until Argyle Acres Iris Farm opens (April 10!). Rest assured my camera will be plugged in to charge the evening before, and my dependable tennis shoes will be ready for a trek through the woods to see thousands of irises in full color!

Our bran new bed of irises is on the verge of blooming for the first time in our back yard. Annie and her minions have grown accustomed to me running out every morning to see if we have blooms yet. I'm hoping the purple are first to make their debut!