Friday, November 26, 2010

A Rose Is a Rose

A Rose Is a Rose by Nancy Medina


A Rose Is a Rose is another step forward in the rose journey that has been under way for a few months in Flower Mound Studio. What to name a red rose in a red pot? Rose on rose came to mind, and then Shakespeare was the next logical thought. I chose journalism as my professional trade as soon as I finished college, but my love of books and words came much earlier. My mother used to read stories to my sisters and I and all of our friends every day at naptime. I remember seeing her in the rocking chair with my baby sister Jackie in her arms, and a book propped in her lap. She read quietly, and confidently, and she gave every word the ability to pull me into another place. She started with What's For Lunch Charlie, then Gordon the Goat, and then the Raggedy Ann and Andy adventures, which were read to us one chapter at a time. I remember the lollipop trees and the soda fountains, and candy hearts sewed into the chests of these two little dolls. She read Shel Silverstein to us, and I remember particularly Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Mom is still in the hospital this week. Each small step in her recovery from pneumonia is cheered and measured by whether she ate today, how much, did she want to sit up, and did she have a few moments when she wanted to talk and laugh. Each day I get to the hospital and tell her what she has missed on her favorite channel, MSNBC, and explain how the Korean conflict is escalating, so she needs to get home soon, yell at the TV, and straighten things out again. My reward is a smile, or a small chuckle. I hope she will be home soon, we are holding off on a real Thanksgiving until then. It's her favorite holiday, and it will be the best Thanksgiving we've ever had, if we can have it with her again, at the kitchen table in her house on the farm.

I hope all of your loved ones are well and happy this season. Cherish the time you have with them.
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