Monday, October 11, 2010

Artist Meets Bear and Say It Twice Poppies

Say It Twice, Poppies by Nancy Medina

Say It Twice Poppies is my newest work based on the beautiful poppies of the Utah mountains. For those of you who subscribe to my art newsletter, this was the same spot where I met my most formidable art critic, the brown bear, just a few months ago. I should have known I was painting in his gallery; after all, he had clearly marked a tree nearby with his signature not far from this spot earlier in the day.

If you would like to see pictures of Mr. Bear and hear the story of our close encounter, send me your email and I will sign you up for my art newsletter. I promise each issue has lots of new artwork, as well as important photos of the four-footed studio assistants.

PS - If anyone can read bear-script, perhaps you can translate his message below for me!

How Mr. Bear signed his artwork


Tweedles -- that's me said...

The poppies are gorgeously beautiful! And I think I know someone who can read bear language.
She is a new blogger friend and lives high up in the Colorado moutains. She knows cougar language too

Nancy Medina said...

Tweedley, we would love to meet your friend who talks to the animals! It's like Dr Doolittle! : )