Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pretty in Pink - Poppies

Pretty in Pink, Poppies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

I love weekends in the studio, the day just stretches out, the blank canvases are all begging for paint, the pugs are napping - life is good! Pretty in Pink, Poppies, is the newest work drying on the easel in Flower Mound Studio.

I was trying to think of a great name for this painting that was related to the flowerpot in the painting, Maison de la Belle Jardiniere, but the translation sounded something like "A Store that Sells Pretty Pots." Perhaps this will make all of my friends overseas laugh, since I am certain I got it totally wrong - I would love to hear more about the story behind these words, since they seem rather well known to Google Translate.

My thanks to the talented artist, Jamie Williams Grossman, for thinking of the name of this painting for me! Be sure to visit her Web site and connect with her on Facebook, if you have not already. She is a master plein air painter and her works are filled with color and life, and she is one of the nationally known daily painters to boot!

A peek in the studio earlier today
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