Friday, September 24, 2010

Jars of Clay, Container Garden

Jars of Clay - Sunflowers by Nancy Medina


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Jars of Clay, Sunflowers, is a container garden that got a bit of a facelift in the studio yesterday. I added more purples, polished off the pots, and changed the petunias to pansies in the center. The painting is named for one of my favorite singing groups, have you heard of them?


Becky said...

Loving those little pansies, goes great with my favorite sunflowers!

Julia Kulish said...

Love this painting and LOVE "Jars of Clay" as soon as i saw your post title, my mind began immediately singing some of their songs!

Marie Theron said...

Never heard of them, but such a vibrant overflowing flower piece, Nancy!

Nancy Medina said...

LOL, thank you Miss Becky, sunflower queen!

Julie, me too - believe it or not I have lost my Jars of Clay CD and need to get another one...

Marie, thank you! warm regards from far away!