Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunflower Symmetry

Sunflower Symmetry by Nancy Medina


What a busy week in the studio! It looks like a sunflower factory exploded in here. Sunflower Symmetry was painted at the end of a marathon painting session yesterday based upon the fresh daisies and sunflowers I bought at the grocery store. Though I do work from my own photography on the computer screen, I also keep fresh flowers in the studio for most of my artwork projects. I've shared a picture below of Sunflower Symmetry in front of the fresh flowers that inspired them.

And as promised, my four-foot wide flower panorama is here for you, too. It is almost fini! I have painted one corner with a blue-gray background and one corner with a yellow white background. My client will be able to select the background color she likes best. After that I will lay in more lilac and greenery, a few more flowers, and prepare it for shipping to Montreal. What a fun project this has been. I promise to show you the finished painting when it is done.

Sunflower Symmetry and the fresh
bouquet of flowers that inspired it.

My painting commission is almost fini!
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