Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fading Blooms - Hydrangea Still Life

Fading Blooms - Hydrangeas

Fading Blooms, Hydrangeas is work from a studio arrangement. I purchased a bundle of beautiful white hydrangeas at the market, but the next morning they had begun to droop a bit. I pulled a bit of their fade into the work. I've been on a fading flowers kick lately, but rest assured I'll paint fresh blooms again soon!

Fading hydrangeas in my studio


Caroline Peña Bray said...

This is beautiful, Nancy. I think the fading element really adds to the composition and compliments the soft edges you're using. Great stuff!

Autumn Leaves said...

So very lovely! I could only dream of fading so beautifully! (Instead I am fading fast, furious, and quite shockingly! LOLOL) You have the most gorgeous vases too, Nancy! How are my Puggy friends?

Ralph said...

Not at all surprised that this artwork has sold it is another triumph

A New England Life said...

I so adore Hydrangea's and as usual you've done a lovely job of capturing them.

In a few weeks I'll be making bouquets for my niece's wedding out of hydrangea's. Hopefully they'll come out okay!

Unknown said...

Thank you Caroline - I appreciate that!

Sherry, you and me both sweetie! I was just thinking about the perils of gravity when I looked at those poor tilting flowers.... the fatties are doing just grand. : )

Thank you so much Ralph, you always brighten my day!

Sharon I hope you will be taking pictures of your hydrangeas for a good friend of yours to paint from...hint!!! xoxo

Julia Kulish said...

Really lovely - I like to color harmony!

Flo de Sendai said...

Oh, this is beautiful !
Colors and composition, I love it !
And I love hydrangeas....

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Nancy!... I love the rich... colourful... painterly florals shown on your site!

They each sing! I particularly enjoyed Summertime Geraniums... a personal favourite of mine... in both indoor and outdoor locations!

Good Painting!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman