Monday, July 5, 2010

Thistles and Sunflowers

Thistles and Sunflowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Museum Quality Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

The sunflowers on sale at Tom Thumb yesterday earned their keep today. Thistles and Sunflowers is the newest still life in the studio, and a friend who gave me a bouquet of purple daisies helped to finish off this work.

The real show stealers, though, were the sunflowers in my yard this week. As promised, here is a picture of the 10 foot tall sunflower from my back yard garden. I had to have a little help from a ladder to get close enough to paint these flowers, and this afternoon a Monarch butterfly decided one of them was an excellent choice for a dinner break. If I had a better camera lens I would have had a good shot of that, but alas, that's on my Christmas list!

My still life setup and my new green pitcher

Plein air painting the giant
sunflowers in my back yard


Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said... careful there!!!

Did you see my sunflower field post...

Unknown said...

Becky those sunflowers are amazing!! I'm glad you had your allergy shot before you braved all that sunflower pollen! LOL. You are a great photographer, beautiful work!

Becky said...

Nancy and the giant sunflower stalk! That's higher than I would want to be on a ladder! I've been lost in time since I talked to you. See my blog. Love you and the beautiful paintings that you are so sweet to share with us.