Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunflower Potpourri Flower Painting

Potpourri Garden - Sunflowers and Pansies
Oil on Linen Board
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

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Nancy Medina Web Site

Today was packing and taping and scissors and foamboard in the studio, shipping paintings to clients across the US. I really should buy stock in UPS. One painting, Joy, will be an anniversary gift from a gentleman for his wife of 40 years. They live in Pennsylvania. The painting, Sanctuary-The Women's Garden, is going to be delivered to Kaufman, Texas, to a lovely lady who has been friends with my family for too many years to confess. Another sunflower painting, Reverie Sunflowers, will fly up to cooler parts of the US, landing at a new home in Connecticut. And yet another still life floral, Sunflower Medley, will go to Durham, North Carolina to the home of a collector who has a few of my works already. I love it when the customers come back for more art!

This painting, Potpourri Garden, flew onto the canvas as if it has been waiting in the wings. It is ready for a new gallery home in Castle Hills, Texas, but if you take a fancy to it, I will be glad to ship it your way. After all, the tape gun is loaded!

Anniebelly Bossybritches and her beloved toy du jour


Angela Elledge said...

Whew! Have you stopped to breathe yet today? :-)

Becky said...

Aren't you supposed to be leaving for a trip?? This is so pretty! Have fun on your trip! I finally figured out how you whip these out so fast. The pugs have brushes too and they learned from the very best since they see you every day!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh my gosh! Look at AnnieB's eyes and that fabulous smile of her's!

This is a beautiful painting, Nancy. Potpourri indeed; look at all these brilliant flowers! Daisies even!


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Edward Burton said...

Beautifully designed and painted, Nancy!

Vera Dennen said...

Besides the sheer beauty of your daily paintings, Nancy, what I like most is the size. You don't paint only 5x7, or 4x4. Or even 8x10. You paint something hardy and healthy, like 16x20!

Unknown said...

Hello, you flower-painting goddess, you! I am so excited to hear about all of your paintings finding homes! Look at you, painting sunflowers on top of a ladder! What a wonder you are, my friend.

Margaret said...

Fabulous as always!