Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poppy Path Flower Painting

Poppy Path by Nancy Medina
Oil on Museum Quality Linen Board
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

Poppy Path is a painting in palette knife and oil drying in Flower Mound Studio this evening. It's been a very busy week, with a new foster pug coming to stay for a while, unpacking from a recent trip, and getting caught up on tossing the ball for Studio Director AnnieBelly. Today a friend recommended the "sock monkey beds" in Walgreens. I raced to the nearest Walgreens to procure one for my first in command, and they were out. All was not lost, however, since the puppy dog beds were nice, fluffy, and also on sale. The picture below sums up Annie's reaction to her latest acquisition.

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