Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coronado Cottage and Island Flowers

The most amazing flowers grow on Coronado Island, California, near San Diego. I've never seen a hibiscus in this color before, have you?

The real competitors at the Annual Flower Show on the island are the roses. I wish you could see how big this rose was, it was about the size of a dinner plate!

The dew, the colors, this rose made me wish my paint brush was handy!

The only challenge about traveling to Coronado Island for my solo art show each year is explaining to the assistants why they had to stay home. Howard never holds a grudge, fortunately, once you have given him a cookie or three.


Angela said...

Lovely painting Nancy! :)

The photos were beautiful too. And I actually have seen hibiscus flowers that were yellow like that before. It was on Mackinac Island at the Original Butterfly House. They had some beautiful bright pink ones too! :)

Becky said...

Hibiscus are another fav of mine. I bought some htybrids a couple years ago at a plant show. They didn't do too well. The cottage is so cute. Do you see me waving from inside, look thru the window! I would like a little place like that in the mountains where it is cold and snowy.

Autumn Leaves said...

That's my Howie!! Kisses my Puggles!

Love this cottage and those lush flowers lining the perfect picket fence. A dream home!