Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bella Blanco - Geranium Still Life

Bella Blanco - Geraniums by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Available in My Daily Painters Gallery

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It's been a busy weekend in Flower Mound Studio, celebrating the hubby's birthday and coming home to a neighborhood with no electricity last night. It was an interesting way to learn that we could not get into the house, because we had no key to the storm door or the back door, and the garage opened only with the use of electricity. After a few hours in the dark getting acquainted with the mosquitoes, the CoServ folks were there to save the day, or the eve.

The pugs were quite glad we had decided to stop all that pointless puttering around outside instead of being indoors with them, where we belonged. Hats off to all those hard working people who come out in the heat, cold, and awful weather and at any time of the day, just because it's their job. They sure are tougher than I am!

White Geraniums from my back yard garden


Isabel P. Lima said...

Precioso geranio.Me gusta mucho el colorido de tus cuadros y los retratos de tus perros.Siento no poder escribir en Inglés.

Autumn Leaves said...

These are gorgeous, Nancy. Something about the white...just lends an air of calm and serenity. So glad you were able to get back in the house last night!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Gracias Isabel, mis perros decir gracias, también! Tu forma comentarios acerca de mi arte son tan apreciados. Tener un día maravilloso!

Good morning Sherry! You are an earlybird like me!

Hi Norma, thank you! Love the painting of the little gallery.

Becky said...

Very pretty, looks like a photo. Happy Birthday to the hubby. Glad you weren't without power too long. Were the puggies carrying on so with lots of barking just knowing you were outside? MIne would have been! I wouldn't want that power company job either, they have to work through it all.

hmuxo said...

This painting is absolutely beautiful. Love the colors and the pottery is perfect. Great job!