Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aspire - Red Canna Lilies

Aspire - Red Canna Lilies by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Palette Knife and Brush
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The brightest bits of blooming color in my yard this week are the red cannas in my garden. These hardy plants seem to thrive in the heat and come back year after year with very little care at all. We have red and yellow in the back yard, but these are from a land a bit farther away. Aspire - Red Canna Lilies is based on the flowers I saw while visiting Balboa Park in San Diego.

The studio is in a bit of turmoil now, with new paintings stacked and drying on every available surface. The rest of the weekend will be spent packing for a painting trip. Have a wonderful weekend!


Angela said...

This is lovely, Nancy!

Angela said...
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Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I never liked cannas till I saw your painting...these are lovely!!!
I think my dislike comes from seeing them everywhere when I was growing up...geeze why does it take so long to grow up!!!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Another awesome painting Nancy.

Lorraine Z said...

Nancy, this is wonderful. Another great work of art on your part.

Autumn Leaves said...

Your upcoming weekend plans sound so fun! I adore this painting, Nancy. The flowers are gorgeous and you've so framed them beautifully with the structure behind them. And I always love interesting windows such as this one!