Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Abandon, Sunflower Still Life

Wild Abandon by Nancy Medina


Oil on Archival Quality Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

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Wild Abandon is my newest sunflower painting, and is a celebration of the dozens of sunflowers on the verge of opening in my back yard garden this week. The tallest sunflower in my yard is well over 7 feet high, and three budding flowers are beginning to peer down at me from its highest quarters. I've watched the little groups of aphids and helper bugs create their colonies on the lower leaves of this giant sunflower, and imagine leaves on the higher levels are probably the more expensive penthouse bug properties, since only a few rather fat bugs live up there.

I am hoping this large sunflower plant sprouts those big dinner plate sized blossoms like the ones my parents grew on our organic farm in East Texas. I will be posting pictures when these finally open, so stay tuned!
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