Thursday, June 17, 2010

When the Wind Blows, Poppy Landscape Oil Painting

When the Wind Blows, Poppy Landscape
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

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My parents had an organic farm in East Texas long before organic food was in fashion. (I always manage to be out of fashion, it is a gift.) The beauty of having a Catholic family with lots of children is a free workforce for enterprising parents such as mine.

Every fourth row in the garden was set aside for flowers planted to attract the insects off the vegetable crops. I remember standing barefoot in the garden furrows under giant sunflower stalks a foot taller than my head, and watching the tiny insects scamper happily around in the petals. I think that's where the seeds were first planted for my love of flowers - and the little critters of the world, too, no matter how small.

My wish for today: A day of my summer childhood, barefoot in the country, with months of reading and exploring before time for school to start again.


Becky said...

30x40, this is a big one! Have you been working on it for awhile? How long does it take to do one this size? I guess when it comes to you so easily it might not take as long. Pretty poppies!

Autumn Leaves said...

Such an idyllic childhood you had!! Another beautiful piece, truly redolent with thoughts and memories of summer.