Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Violet Vision Iris Duo

Violet Vision Iris Duo


Violet Vision is drying on the easel this evening. We've had a break from the triple digit heat in Dallas today with thunderstorms rolling into North Texas. The weekend weather was perfect, however, for an outdoor bath for Annie.

Mmmm, this smells lovely...

Are you sure you shouldn't bathe Howard first Dad?

Two words: abject misery

This is not my happy face.

Where's my reward Mom???


Becky said...

I wonder if Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are that shade of violet? Just beautiful! Wet pugs are kinda pitiful looking aren't they? Fuji has so much fur it takes furever for her to dry. Gidget has so much less, she dries in no time. Love the fatties!

Autumn Leaves said...

Beautiful purples and violets in this latest piece, Nancy. Such gorgeous depth! Is that Miz FancyPants AnnieBButt? She looks mahvelous, darlink.

Ruth Welter said...

Nancy, your little girl is so adorable little Tzu's don't like bath time much either. : )

Love your Irises.


Kelly said...

Annie Bananie,

Aren't baths the worst? Let's protest! I have an idea. Start looking through mom & dad's mail. Find the water bill. Chew it up.

Perhaps they will forget and it won't get paid! NO WATER = NO BATHS! wheeeeeee!

your BFF,