Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sanctuary, Flowers at the Dallas Arboretum

Sanctuary by Nancy Medina

Sanctuary was a painting begun on site in the Women's Garden of the Dallas Arboretum. The title of this painting is one that I thought would fit a place where women can come for safety, solace and peace. There are fountains and a reflecting pool in the Women's Garden, and it looks out over White Rock Lake. The last time I visited the garden a bride was having her photos made in front of the reflecting waters. I said a quiet prayer that her life would be filled with happiness and strength.

The Women's Garden
Dallas Arboretum


Terra said...

I say quiet prayers like you, when I see a wedding party outside of a church. This is another pretty painting by you.

A New England Life said...

your painting is even more beautiful than the real thing.

I love the new layout too! It's really nice. Better than the basic black which tends to strain the eyes a bit.

Hugs to ya!


MAYRI said...

Wow its wonderful.
I am agree with sharon.
''Your painting is even more beautiful than the real''
Have a good sunday.

Unknown said...

Thanks Terra, I love the Irish poem on your blog, it covers everything so well! : )

Thanks Sharon, I like it too, I am attempting to use some of these elements on my new web site. Have a nice tornado free evening!!

Thank you miss Mayri! warm regards from across the miles to you from Dallas!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your painting is purrtier than the real thing
Benny & Lily

Marie Theron said...

O my, we are always fly over or through Dallas. This place is so beautiful. You painting will always be connected with the lovely prayer for the bride and all women!

Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, this piece is absolutely beautiful and in such a peaceful and serene way...if that makes sense. Maybe it is the title, maybe it is the location or your ideas when painting it...but it has a special beauty. Gorgeous work. And I agree with ANEL's comment; this is more beautiful even than the real thing.

Unknown said...

Benny and Lily, you are as sweet as you are cute!

Marie thank you so much. Howard likes to bark at the planes that go over the yard, I wonder if he is watching for you? : )

Sherry thank you, I think you would love the gardens, the women's garden is amazing and it's a great place to spread a picnic lunch under the trees and sit in the shade by the water on a hot day.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This beautiful painting draws me to it. I feel like I want to visit.
I want to sit on the steps and smell the flowers.
I think there is music playing in the background,
The painting is very soothing