Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reverie - Sunflowers and Lilacs

Reverie Sunflowers and Lilacs by Nancy Medina
Oil on Museum Quality Linen Board


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Nancy Medina Art Blog

A new four foot canvas of flowers bested me in the studio today. The orange daylilies and white daisies were at war with one another, and the yellow flowers had all migrated to one corner when I wasn't looking. There was so much to do I set the whole affair aside and picked up a smaller canvas and did something a bit less serious and more fanciful. Reverie Sunflowers was my respite, it is a painting of two favorite subjects, they call to me over and over again, sunflowers and lilacs. I see them often, I probably paint them too often, but they always seem to welcome me with open arms.

I've been having fun today with some of the new thingy ma bobs on my art blog. I've added a page for my galleries, my awards, and one for my newsletter, so please sign up so you can get all the exciting art news, with a couple of cute pug pictures sprinkled in for good measure!

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening wherever you may be!


Autumn Leaves said...

Beautiful work, as always Nancy. One can never go wrong with lilacs! Or hydrangeas. Or sunflowers!

Ruth Welter said...

What a gorgeous painting Nancy, I love this one, beautiful combination of blooms. Say "hi" to your sweet Pugs for me.