Monday, June 14, 2010

Texas Red - Geranium Still Life

"Texas Red"
Geranium Still Life
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas

I painted "Red" plein air Texas style, sitting at my dining room table gazing out the window at the potted geranium on my deck. With all the comforts of indoor air conditioning, I was able to see the sunlight glow of a bright triple digit summer day just outside the window. I know that this is cheating when it comes to real plein air, in a sense, the glass after all undoubtedly diffused the light. And if you're not outdoors swatting bugs in between brush strokes, it really isn't plein air.

All the same I was happy with this little red geranium. It has been asking me to paint it for quite some time so I finally heeded the call.
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