Friday, June 25, 2010

Petunias in Red and Confessions of the Petal Paparazzi

Petunias in Red by Nancy Medina


Oil on Museum Quality Linen Board
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Our new neighbors have a plethora of bright red petunias growing around their mailbox. Yesterday I became Petal Paparazzi Stalker Lady and snapped a multitude of photos of their petunias. I've never met them, and hoped they wouldn't yell at me or report me to the authorities. Even worse, I didn't leave a note on their door or windshield explaining my odd behavior.

If suddenly you don't see any new blog posts, you'll know I was apprehended. My family explained the other day they will be scheduling an intervention soon if this whole daily painter thing continues unabated much longer. I explained that all they have to do is remove my caffeine. I sure hope they don't take away my caffeine. I'd better plan ahead and stash some Lipton tea bags somewhere here in the studio. No one can find anything in here but me under the stacks of wet canvases, so I know they'll be safe.

Red Petunias basking in the sun
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