Friday, June 18, 2010

Dreamweaver Wildflowers, Texas Landscape

Dreamweaver Wildflowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

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Dreamweaver Wildflowers is a large bright landscape based on a smaller painting called Summer Song Wildflowers I completed a few weeks ago. This new work is based on the fields of the farm where I grew up, which were filled with Indian paintbrushes every summer as far as the eye could see. I used to walk out to the pond at dusk each evening after dinner to see the sunset in this field. My father had stocked the pond with catfish, and my souldog Buddy was always by my side, picking up crunchy sticks and enjoying all the wonderful smells. Sometimes I dream about those summer days on the farm and wish I could have just one more.


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful painting with all the red! I like your story, too!

Becky said...

Reminds me of lava flowing down from a volcano. Flowers of fire. Loved the story that goes with it. You are one very busy lady!

Autumn Leaves said...

Stunning piece and I thought it looked familiar. Your memories always bring the sweet hints of childhood back to me too, Nancy.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

nancy i am loving your new landscapes. so dreamy. remind me of one of my favorite movies "what dreams may come'. :]

Unknown said...

Thank you Linda, it's been fun on the new Texas blog with you lady...

Becky, what a cool way to describe this painting. You have such a creative mind. : )

Sherry, it sounds like you had a great childhood, too. I wouldn't trade anything for growing up barefoot on a little farm in East Texas.

Thank you Christine! I loved that movie, especially the giant tree she painted. It made me sad when she washed it out...

Donna said...

Beautiful, Nancy.


Rae Andrews, Contemporary Texas Artist in all media said...

Nancy your work as usual is a treat for the eyes. I am so happy for you with your recent sales, yippee!!
Happy painting