Friday, June 4, 2010

Coronado Glow - Sunflowers from Coronado Island

Coronado Glow by Nancy Medina


Coronado Glow is the newest bouquet blooming on the easel this evening, and is based on the flowers of Coronado Island in Southern California. In addition to having one of the best galleries in the world (okay, I'm biased because I'm in it), this idyllic island is populated with a plethora of amazing cottage flower gardens.

We usually fly out at least once a year to Coronado for my solo show at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. Each time, I wear out the shoe leather walking up and down the streets to see all of the beautiful homes. It's rapture for flower lovers, and I've definitely been branded among the lowest order of petal paparazzi, snapping pictures of houses and flowers with absolutely no restraint or decorum whatsoever. I've shared a few of my favorites with you here. If you're ever in So Cal, stop into the gallery and say hi to Jill, Trisha, Glenn and Rog - they love visitors and you will love the flowers!

I couldn't help myself, after all the gate WAS open!

So many flowers, so little time!
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