Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wild Things

Wild Things by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen
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What do you paint when you can't decide which flower you want to paint? A little of everything gets thrown into the pot. Wild Things is a new Texas wildflower landscape drying on the easel tonight in Flower Mound Studio. The studio assistants are "plumb tuckered out" because we opened a bag of new toys this afternoon. After a few hours of absolute manic joy for the helpers, the new squeaky toys were put away for another day.

I found this old picture of my original three fatties in my files this evening. Winnie Wiggles is pictured here with Howie and Java. Winnie is in pug heaven now, but sometimes it still feels like she is right here beside me, where she always sat by my chair in the studio, my little angel girl.

Winnie, Howie and Java


Elena Malec said...

splendid, nancy.

Marie Theron said...

More flowers, more joy! I am glad of the wild places left on earth. On my next story I want to talk about the many farms but few wild areas left. After years of sheep and cattle in the field, the scene you have painted will be gone forever, and I hope it will never happen.

Autumn Leaves said...

Look at those serious and beautiful faces, all three. Sigh...

Your landscape is beautiful, Nancy. I so love the wildflowers and their colors. You've captured that movement and freedom that just goes with the term "wild" flowers.

Linda Popple said...

Beautiful landscape, Nancy! I like all the colors.

The photo of your pugs is just hilarious! I laughed out loud! :-) Good way to start the day!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Your flower paintings are beautiful, Nancy, but the 'fatties' are just awesome!!
Where's Nancy and the Fatties?

Becky said...

Is there anything sweeter than a pug face? I think not! My pug girl, Fuji, has been sick with bronchitis for about a week. Got her to the vet yesterday, loaded her up with a shot for the cough, antibiotics and teeny pills for the cough after the shot wears off. She is much better today. Love your paintings as you are well aware of!! Have a great holiday weekend!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

This painting is so peaceful, so beautiful, so quiet.
I can feel the solitude.
You captured it all.

Just looks at those faces.
Faces of love