Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Song Wildflowers - Texas Landscape

Summer Song Wildflowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
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I grew up on an organic farm in East Texas, decades before organic grocery stores populated the yuppy neighborhoods of the Metroplex. This painting is of the front five acres from our farm. In the hot summer months, Indian Paintbrush would fill the field with color. Straight back behind those trees was the little house where I grew up. We never wore shoes in the summer, and spent most of the days riding our bikes and exploring the woods out in this undeveloped area of Texas.

Times have changed so much now, it makes me sad to think this land will not be our family farm someday. For now, my mother has a small garden of tomatoes and peppers outside her door, and my Aunt helps keep them watered and tended under mom's careful supervision. It's like heaven to visit.

Howard has a few suggestions for dinner


A New England Life said...

I'll take a Starbucks coffee while you're in there Howie ; )

Oh Nancy, I just love this painting. It's been a long time since I've seen Indian Paintbrushes. It seems they were much more plentiful when I was a kid. Those were the simple days. Remember?


r garriott said...

Waht vibrant colors! Just lovely. And what a great way to grow up, lucky you!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Music to my ear..
I dont see Aloe Vera Juice in your frig..R U from Texas???

Carolina said...

Nancy, es hermosa tu pintura, esas flores tan coloridas, maravillosas, y que lindo tu perrito!


Art with Liz said...

I really love your landscapes Nancy! What a beautiful place to grow up - hope it doesn't disappear totally! To Howie - hope you found what you wanted in there!

Cobalt Violet said...

Really beautiful painting! And really cute dog, too!

Unknown said...

Sharon thanks dear, I too wonder where all the Indian Paintbrush has gone. I see Indian Blanket and Bluebonnets everywhere, but rarely Indian Paintbrush anymore! xo

Thank you R .Garriott - your blog continues to be a marvel. Thanks for sharing the link to the mesh panels, a great tip!

Irit, I'm sure there is some in there somewhere for our sunburns...

Gracias Carolina!!

Liz Howie wants everything in there. ; )

Thanks for the visit Cobalt Violet, just spent a lovely morning looking through your amazing blog!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh my! That is my Howie through and through!! I so love this painting, Nancy. I think your memories lend so much to this painting too. They are exquisite memories and I too recall riding bikes and playing outside under the trees....I hope that the family farm never passes from the hands of your family.

Terra said...

You have a beautiful painting style, and this is a lovely scene. Yes, how sad that the family farm will not continue. Could it get a "conservation easement" where taxes are less?

Filomena Booth said...

I love your new Texas landscape, Nancy! Come down here sometime...we still have the wildflowers in bloom. Only God could plant a garden as beautiful as the roadside wildflowers of Texas in springtime.

Howie is such a bad boy...I love reading about his escapades!