Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heartsong Poppies

Heartsong Poppies by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Nancy Medina Web Site

Sometimes paintings seem to hop onto the canvas, as if they were impatiently waiting for me to load the right colors on the brush so they could get on with being. I haven't painted a poppy still life in a while, but have been so inspired by the reds and oranges in my back yard garden the time seemed right! The spring tulips at the Dallas Arboretum were amazing this year, thanks to the chilly winter. I just wished the tulips bloomed all summer in Texas. Something about that 100 degree heat doesn't agree with them.

Dallas Arboretum Tulips That
the Artist Originally Thought Were Poppies


nancy said...

hmmmm, really Nancy? they are poppies?

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

For some reason the word "Loverly" just popped into my mind!!! Yep, it is loverly!!!

Marie Theron said...

Wonderful painting! Yes those poppies touch the heartstrings! I have an added incentive to visit your blog now and that is to read the very creative titles!

Art with Liz said...

Poppies or sunflowers - you have a gift for painting flowers! Good luck with your new Pug site - I hope it brings in lots and lots of new parents and money.

Ralph said...

They are so marvellous I am in awe of how you do this time after time.

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh what a gorgeous vase those poppies are nestled in! A beautiful study in reds, Nancy! The photo looks like red tulips to me, but then I don't know flowers all that well, alas. LOL

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh my gosh!
i just got caught up on all of your new works!
they are so fabulous i just do not have the words!
m & ep

Unknown said...

Nancy, that is a good question. Sometimes I wonder the same thing myself. ; )

Becky, thank you for inventing a new word to describe my art. I loverly it. hee hee

Marie I always think of you these days when it's time to create a new title. xoxo

Thank you so much Liz, the site is actually helping our donations for the babies already. It was a lot of work, but they are worth it!!

Ralph I will send you cash, what is your address?

Sherry, you are right, they DO look like tulips. Nancy Elstad, what do you think? Tulips? : )

Melissy, thank you, please tell Emmitt that we could hear him singing for his breakfast this morning all the way down here in Dallas.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

A great red piece.
How much I love it.
Goes perfect with the great weather in S.Cal.

nancy said...

Nancy I didn't mean your painting, that is sooo beautiful! I was questioning the photo, thought they looked like tulips. hehe.