Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From the Heart - Sunflower Painting, IAA Winner

From the Heart, Sunflowers by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

55th Annual Irving Arts Show
Third Place Winner Overall

Nancy Medina Web Site

I was honored and excited to learn this week that my painting, From the Heart - Sunflowers, received third place in the overall competition for the 55th Annual Irving Arts Association juried show. This is only my second professional art award, (I'm not counting the magnet I won in first grade for the drawing of an apple). The judge said that I had shown "good tenebristic values". I had to look it up! It was a good lesson for me and a reminder I need to keep studying the science of the craft I love, and not just practice it.

I can't leave you this evening without revealing Howie's true love, the girl next door, Sweet Pea. We recently had our fence fixed so they can no longer kiss noses through the holes in the wooden gate like they used to.

Howie is in love with Pea, the girl next door


Sunny said...

Congrats!! what a wonderful thing for you. Its a beautiful painting, it sure is a winner!

Autumn Leaves said...

Sigh...I have been thrown over for a Boston Terrier? Sigh...

Beautiful painting here, Nancy, and congratulations on your award! Now I have to go look up 'tenebristic!'

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Beautiful painting. For me you are #1.
Looks like, soon, you will be a Grandma.

Mia said...

Congrats on the award!!! So proud of you!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Howie and his lady love are so cute!!! Can't wait to see how that relationship plays out!!


Jess & Lilo

Kelly said...

Dear Howard,

We need to talk. About Sweet Pea.


Manon said...

Congrats, Nancy! I usually see you on FB now so I haven't been here in awhile!! You know how I just adore all your work.
Pea.... omg...... what a doll. I love those Bostons!!