Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daylily Daydreamers

Daylily Daydreamers by Nancy Medina
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The daylilies opened up this morning in my back yard garden, and orange and yellow blossoms are now thrown into the mix of pink and red geraniums. The irises are done, it seems, for the season, so I will enjoy these new additions to the flower family for as long as they bloom. There seems to be a quiet order to the garden each year, first the irises and geraniums, then the daylilies, then the sunflowers and finally the big, glorious elephant ears and canna lilies.

My morning glories are in hibernation again this year, so I will have to decide on a new morning glory game plan for next spring - perhaps planting them in pots? I miss the great stretches of blue and lavender morning glories that used to climb 12 feet up into the pear tree in the back yard, completely encapsulating the trunk in gorgeous blossoms and lovely heart-shaped leaves. Do you have any secrets for coaxing morning glories? I would love to hear your tips, if you have some!

AnnieBee and I with Iris Garden
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