Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue Blossoms Iris

Blue Blossoms Iris by Nancy Medina


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My model was great. In exchange for some miracle
grow and a lovely box in which to sink her toes,
she stood still for hours!

It was a busy day at Flower Mound Studio, I picked up my award winning painting From the Heart Sunflowers from the Jaycees Center for the Arts and delivered it to a show at the Irving Arts Center. Then I took nine new paintings to the Dutch Art Gallery in Lake Highlands, Dallas. I love driving out there and visiting with Pam and Jill, they have such a great place and I can never leave without a few new frames! When I got home I double-gessoed 25 new canvases and I am ready to start two commissions this weekend. I spent a while working on my new Web site and then I picked up the brushes and paints and this little iris arrived.

Sometimes I wonder if I am absolutely obsessed with painting and I have truly gone over the deep end. One thing, however, is for certain: I sure am having a great time!


Linda Popple said...

Gorgeous iris!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its called "Passion" and thank goodness you have it, because you make so many of us happy by allowing us to see all the beautys you paint- like this awsome Iris

Terra said...

Oh you capture iris very beautifully, and now I know it is "Passion".

Autumn Leaves said...

Your work is always beautiful, Nancy. And that you have such a good time doing it is absolutely what makes it worth while and adds to the richness of each piece. This iris is so lovely!