Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunflower Daze and a Solo Show on Coronado Isle

Sunflower Daze - Hydrangeas and Daisies
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Canvas

Art and Frames by Wood Gallery

My demo painting for the solo show on Coronado Island

A delightful guest, Ann Mitchell, artist and resident of Coronado Island

A few of my guests, including a monarch
butterfly who happened by!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my solo show in Coronado, California on Saturday at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery. We had beautiful weather, a great turnout, and lots of delicious things to eat. There were a couple of guests of honor, including Ann Mitchell, a longtime resident of Coronado Island. Ann is an artist who spent the day delighting us all with stories about the island. She reminded me so much of my Great Aunt Marie I almost could not bear to tell her goodbye.

We also had a surprise appearance by a monarch butterfly who hovered about my sunflower demo painting, made a few cogent suggestions (add more pollen, etc), and then floated gracefully away to a more dew-laden selection of buds nearby. I'll share more pictures from Coronado Island and my art show with you over the next few weeks. For flower lovers, the island is like Disneyland with free rides and no lines!

Glenn and Trisha and Rog from the gallery did an
amazing job and kept me laughing all day.

The gallery garden is a beautiful place to paint, yes?

Jill, the gallery owner, wore colors
that matched my painting! How on
earth did she know?

Jill fixed up a whole
wall of my paintings for the show.

Someone had just said something very funny...
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