Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Hydrangea Garden Cottage

Blue Hydrangea Garden Cottage by Nancy Medina


Blue Hydrangea Garden Cottage is based on the island gardens of Coronado, CA, where you can find at any time of year an array of amazing homes and flowers. My husband and I moved from Southern California to Dallas exactly 10 years ago this month, but I still miss the perfect sunshine and the flowers that bloom all year round there.

Fortunately, I have my three studio assistants here in Flower Mound who keep me much too busy to pine away for my old haunts. They make me laugh every day, and give unconditional love to anyone who stops by to visit. What a joy they are and I have no idea how I would get a single thing done without them underfoot.

Java and Annie, and Howard Pee Pugpants
doing what Howie does best: relaxin'!
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