Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garden Party and a Tour of My Solo Art Show

Garden Party by Nancy Medina
From the Dallas Arboretum Series

Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Artist contact:
Nancy Medina Web Site

I just got home from my solo art show in Fredericksburg, TX, and discovered that my painting, Arboretum Dancers, has been featured on the official Garden Gallery Art Show invite! What a thrill!! The Garden Gallery juried show will be in the DeGolyer House on the Dallas Arboretum grounds March 13-28. Stop by Artscape and take a peek March 20-21. I'll be the artist in Booth 11 hoping for sunshine!

Here's my space for my first solo show at The Good Art Company Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, held on Friday, March 5. Check out the amazing hand lettering on the wall - too cool, yes? The theme for my show was Gardens of Fredericksburg because I am an obsessive compulsive painter of Fredericksburg flowers. I even snuck out during the show to get photos of the pansies by the front door. I couldn't help myself.

What on earth did peeps do before they invented ladders, do you ever wonder that?

AnnieBee, head studio assistant and activity director, was there to lend a paw and advice on when it was appropriate to stop for breaks, go for walks, and feed the pug crunchy treats.

The show in Fredericksburg at The Good Art Company Gallery last Friday was exactly what I was hoping for - an evening of fun and laughter and hanging out with artists and collectors. We had a good crowd and I sold two paintings!

The gallery is located at 112 West Main Street in historic Fredericksburg, Texas. Be sure to stop in and see my display throughout the month of March. Say hi to Jill if you do, she loves visitors!

The gallery owner, Jill, did a beautiful job of arranging the sign in table and even placed a bouquet of my fav flowers - sunflowers. She asked me if I'd be painting that setting soon. I think she knows me pretty well, don't you?

I was tickled pink to see my Facebook pal Paula Gold walk through the door. Paula and her sister in law Debra (who claimed she has no talent but I don't believe it) drove an hour to get to my show. Paula and I are plotting our surprise visit to famous artist Elizabeth Robbins. Shhh. Don't tell, it will be a surprise. I just hope Liz keeps a stocked fridge and has plenty of chocolate and cheese on hand....

None of this would have been possible without my handsome hubby Carlos and the Executive Studio Director, AnnieBee. Annie arrived at the art show fashionably late and proceeded to become the center of attention at the gala event. She handled her peeps and the pupparazzi like a pro, gently accepting hors' deuvres and graciously allowing her adoring fans to give her pats. In her pink Puppia harness, she was certainly all decked out in her finest party frock.

Thank you for joining me for the tour of our show. Annie, Carlos and I will be back again next year and I sure hope you will be there. The cheese and cookies were scrumptious, and the art wasn't too bad, either!


Manon said...

Your works looks stunning in that gallery!! I'm so thrilled for you, Nancy!!
Congrats on the invite!! Yay!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Sounds so wonderful, Nancy! Your wall looks fabulous. Did AnnieBee get to go to Dogologie? I'm so glad for your success!

B Lancton said...

Nancy - your paintings and that wall look fabulous! How disappointing that I couldn't stop by on Friday, but I will see it this week. (Ol' Sam was pretty put out about the whole thing..... he was thinking he would get to meet AnnieBee.....) Congratulations on an awesome show!

Jan Blencowe said...

What a wonderful show! Your paintings look gorgeous all hung together in the gallery.

Congrats on the sales, so happy for you!

AnnieBee is just darling!

Becky Brocato said...

Congratulations, Nancy! What an amazing show! I hope you really enjoyed the opening.

Kpeters said...

Nancy it all looks so impressive show! AnnieBee looks stunning too in her pink "frock"!!! YAY!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Congratualtion on your show.
And I just know part of the sucess was because of Annie Bee and her charming personality

Angela Elledge said...

Absolutely gorgeous, how I wish I could have seen the show in person!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh my gosh! what a perfect show! i am so excited for you!
i wish i could have come in person!
thank you so much for sharing it!
m & ep

Autumn Leaves said...

So Anniebelly got to go after all?? How absolutely mahvelous, darling. The show looks fabulous, Nancy. What a beautiful feature wall; the lettering is exquisite! I hadn't realized how large your paintings actually are before so it is wonderful to see them in context. They show beautifully, but then that is no surprise to me. Each piece is a masterpiece and I love seeing each and every one. Congrats on your painting being chosen for the cover!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Applause for the Artist and her Assistants!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much ladies, I was so nervous before the show but my funny art friends had me laughing all evening. We had a great time, and Annie certainly gained several new admirers. : )

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Congratulations, Nancy!! Very exciting.
Glad to hear that AnnieBee held court and did all the PR for your show! She is adorable!!