Friday, February 12, 2010

Red Geranium Panorama

Red Geranium Panorama by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Artist contact:
Nancy Medina Web Site
Flower Mound Studio
Flower Mound, Texas

A day after record snowfall in Dallas, and the big thaw has begun. Annie and her brothers enjoyed some time playing in the fluffy stuff this morning. Even the pug topiary seemed to have a festive air about him, as he wore his new white winter coat. Tomorrow I head to Phoenix for a few days on a business trip and Carlos will be home to take care of the assistants, who will undoubtedly require an immediate diet plan when I return. Dad's a pushover when it comes to snacks.

Por que no throw the ball mama?

Pug Topiary, aka Redrum


Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said... them...especially the ones painted by Nancy!!! I can't wait to see some real ones...this winter is wearing a little thin with me!!! Have a safe trip!!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
have fun and safe travels!
happy happy valentine's day to you, carlos and the puggy assistants!
melissa and emmy pants

Marie Theron said...

Hi Nancy, these large geraniums are also blooming in my garden at the moment. They suffer in winter because they are right in the way of salty sprays and severe wind from the sea. I have to re-plant when they are bruised....five years now, but I will not give up! Your painting captures those big blooms perfectly!

A New England Life said...

It's Pheonix time already? I hope it's a bit warmer there then in Dallas! The snow this year is unbelievable, but good for ya ; )

Manon said...

The reds in your geraniums just pop out right through my screen
Have a great time in Phoenix. I saw that the weather has warmed up a bit out there. I'm going back in mid March!!

Autumn Leaves said...

What a beautiful panorama indeed! It looks like it was painted while sitting amidst of a profusion of beautiful red geraniums! Is that my Howard P. Pugglepants I see? I love Redrum, the pugiary.

I thought of you yesterday, Nancy. I was playing with a 14 week old pug puppy at a "pet store." They marked him down from $1300 to $799 because he is getting older. I so wanted to bring him home. He had a blast fighting with my purse (which was bigger than he was), going for my husband's shoe laces. He was hysterical, made me laugh so much with his antics and his little growls as he played. He was a whirling dervish! If he had been AKC registered I'd have undboutedly brought him home. He was just too expensive for an ACA registered pup. I believe that he is from a puppy mill (which is a whole other story and one that just makes me so very sad and so very angry). I snapped quite a few photos of him, trying to keep him settled long enough to snap. Not a successful photo in the bunch as each blurred with his constant movements. Much of the time I was trying to snap, he was tugging on the camera strap. But oh those kisses.

I felt mildly as though I was cheating on my Howie. (teehee)

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday, Nancy! Have a nice trip. Red geraniums! Love them.

Leslie Rubio said...

Beautiful geraniums and a welcome site with all the snow and winter weather around here in Virginia.
Always love to stop by.

Unknown said...

Thankyou for the kind remarks on my geraniums and the warm wishes! I just got back from Phoenix and can't wait to flex the painting arm a bit in the studio this week. Happy belated valentines to you all! I hope whereever you are, something beautiful is blooming in your life. xoxoxo

Anonymous said... to your blog and just wanted to say enjoying your florals, well done!