Friday, February 5, 2010

Garden Pansies in Yellow

Garden Pansies in Yellow by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas

It's been a busy week in Flower Mound Studio, getting ready for the spring art shows, buying frames, prepping canvases, and finishing up a couple of extra large paintings. No matter how busy I am, my activity directors always insist on a few trips out to the patio to play, especially when the sun breaks through and the temperatures warm up.

I got this photo of the thundering herd a few weeks ago in their spiffy new sweaters from Melissa of Pugnotes. Melissa's assistant, Emmitt, always assists her with new design ideas and modeling duties as well. He's the inspiration for Pugnotes, and is always having some amazing adventure. Check out his blog if you want a few smiles to cheer up your winter weekend.

Howie, Annie and Java posing fur the pupparazzi
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