Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue Dreamers - Hydrangeas

Blue Dreamers - Hydrangeas by Nancy Medina


Blue Dreamers is a small study of one of my favorite flowers. The buds are on the pear tree and the iris leaves are greening up in our garden. Of all the flowers that grow in the back yard, I always get the biggest kick out of the hydrangeas. I found two little grocery store plants and put them into the ground a few years ago and it is nothing short of a miracle that they can survive the Texas summer heat.


Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Loving that darker palette!!!

Marie Theron said...

Hi Nancy, I loved painting hydrangeas during my watercolor decade. (An advantage of ageing is dividing your art into periods).I found that these flowers could withstand the heat of Cape Town. Lovely painting, I find it amazing that you are still producing so close to your show!My nerves would never allow that!

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful, Nancy! I love the perspective you created.

Unknown said...

Thank you Becky, I like the darker shadows, too, those were inspired from the Arboretum gardens and there are lots of great shady spots there.

Marie you are so funny. I have already begun the division process. My nerves caught up with me last night. After stacking all my inventory I had to shut down early and put the artwork out of my mind for a bit. : )

Ed, thanks very much. These were based on a large garden of hydrangeas at the Dallas Arboretum, hundreds of them went on into the distance. I appreciate the kind words!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh you make this look so easy! i love how your paintings just flow right out you like love!