Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Glads

Warm Glads
Oil on Canvas

Warm Glads is a new small work drying on the easel in Flower Mound Studio. I wanted to capture the feel of how these brilliantly colored flowers always seem to be gazing upward toward the sun.

Today the advertisement for the Artists of Texas was sent to American Art Collector magazine for the March issue, and the layout is so well done. Laurie Justus Pace, an incredibly talented North Texas artist, designs these ads for us. I have no idea how she has time for all the things she does, in addition to her very busy art career.

Here's an early peek at what you'll see. My painting is the sunflower landscape at the top, second from the left - cool yes!?!


A New England Life said...

Such a wonderful community of artists you belong to Nancy.

Wonderful Glad paintings too. My parents would think they are beautiful. Both of them are big Glad fans and grow them in the vegetable garden every year to cut and bring in the house.


Autumn Leaves said...

What gorgeous gladioli! Those purples are scrumptious!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Great add, what a group!!!
And the Glads are warming my bones and soul.
Beautiful piece Nancy.

Manon said...

Beautiful!! I love glads, sunflowers, poppies and tulips!
Your glads are just so striking.

Unknown said...

Thankyou Sharon, Oh I hope you will get pictures for me? : ) xoxo

Autumn, thank you - now I know the plural of gladiolus, I feel so silly when I spell these things incorrectly.

Irit - thank you lady! *tipping my warm tea cup in a salute to you*

Manon, thank you, I have neglected glads for so long, but suddenly they are popping up everywhere in my art. So um what kind of cute shoes are you wearing today??? : )