Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shiny Things and Rainbows - Hydrangeas

Shiny Things and Rainbows - Hydrangeas
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

Every time I paint a hydrangea I see a color hiding in the blossoms I did not notice before. These flowers are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Shiny Things and Rainbows is one of my more whimsical paintings, I decided this morning not to take life too seriously today, and just have a little fun in the studio.

Studio assistant Howard Pee Pugpants is a professional at that sort of behavior, though he is a little sleepier today than usual. He visited his girlfriends at his favorite getaway this morning, the vet's office. He always scratches at the office door to be let in more quickly. I'm sure the other dogs think he's nuts. I'm told that his arrival usually is announced throughout the building, as he has built up quite the fan club. Today it earned him a piece of popcorn. Don't tell Annie, though. It will be our little secret...

Howie in his nifty scarf
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