Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poppy Party in Reds - Floral Garden

Poppy Party in Reds
Oil on Canvas

Artist Contact: nancy@nancymedina.com

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The Pug and Her Assistant
on a Whirlwind Gallery Tour

I always take my public affairs director AnnieBee with me when I take art to the galleries in Dallas and Fredericksburg. Annie takes her job as studio assistant quite seriously, and has quite a few fans. If I ever stop into a gallery without her, am I asked what new art I have brought? No... I am asked "Where's Annie?" I can hardly blame them. She does have a certain style and jiggliness all her own.


Marie Theron said...

As usual, such a happy painting! Nancy, I will fly all the way there to watch you paint so lovely at such high speed! I must admit, to me a home is not a home unless there are touches of red in the furniture and paintings.

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh that Anniebelly and her lovely assistant. You two are quite the beautiful and photogenic ladies! I love this viewpoint of the poppies. I am kind of feeling like one of the kids in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" movies and cannot think of a prettier view than this one!

Manon said...

Your director, Annie, is the cutest assistant!
Love the floral garden Nancy!!

Unknown said...

Marie what an honor to have a master painter visit the studio someday - now that you mention it, I believe I have red all over my house!

Autumn, I have to agree - Annie is quite the looker, with rolls and rolls of jiggley loveliness. : )

Thank you Manon, I hope you and Otis-Pants are doing well! Gave you a little tweet this morning! : )

Roxanne Steed said...

beautiful, beautiful!!!!(and a good cure for winter!)

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Love the red party and your art director.Funny honey.

Unknown said...

I can see how the Anniebelly might have a way of stealing the show! Pono used to be the center of attraction when I took him to my gallery in Colorado, too.

Mary said...

Thanks for the photo of yourself and your lovely assistant--fun to see. The poppy painting is vibrant and delightful; I like the composition a lot because it looks natural and unplanned (and I suspect involved careful planning and artistic judgement calls).

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful poppies Nancy and I too, would be most upset if Annie wasn't there to direct proceedings!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. Love your paintings.

Edward Burton said...

A very lovely painting, Nancy.