Monday, January 18, 2010

Flower Show Fugitive & Glads in Red From Coronado Island

SOLD to a Florida Collector
Glads in Red
Oil on Linen Board

These red glads reside in a place where there is sunshine and 85 degree temps almost all year around. I captured images of them when I was on Coronado Island, CA, to paint at the gallery during the annual flower show last year. Folks who live on the island take flower growing to a whole new level, and the competition each year for the glorious glads and bodacious blooms is quite serious.

I had managed to snap a few hundred pictures before the officials in green aprons discovered we were petal papparazi of the lowest order and forthwith booted my hubby and I out of the official flower show in the park. You can see more of my Coronado Island paintings at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery on Orange Ave. Stop in and say howdy to Jill and Glenn and Trisha right after you get your Starbucks next door. They love visitors!

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