Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Better Day - Geraniums and Petunias

A Better Day - Geraniums and Petunias

Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

It's been hard watching the news lately, and knowing how much people in Haiti are suffering after the massive earthquakes there. I've always believed in the power of prayer, and I hope there will be a better day ahead for those poor people who are going through so much. My last editor in chief, Dr. Larry Dossey, wrote many books about the power of prayer. (It was a bit frightening to learn from Larry that there are actually people in the world who pray for bad things to happen to others.)

One of our authors for the medical journal conducted a study that showed statistically that a group of post-surgical patients in a hospital in Kansas who had been prayed for had better outcomes than patients who were not prayed for. Whatever your beliefs, it's hard to ignore the fact that those who think positive, and hope for the best, are happier. Maybe it's an energy thing, maybe it's what some think of as Karma. But I will continue to wish for the best, and pray for those suffering, mostly because I have to believe it will help. Life is much too short to focus on the alternative.
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