Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Place to Dream, Sunflowers and Poppies

A Place to Dream, Sunflowers and Poppies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas
Daily Painters Gallery

It's quiet in the studio this evening, the pugs are already asleep and the Christmas shopping is finally done. It will be nice on Christmas eve day tomorrow to just breathe quietly and remember all the things that make this my favorite holiday. My favorite Christmas growing up was the year my grandmother gave my three sisters and I a huge box of art supplies. I was five years old. The color books, watercolors, colored markers and pencils were the closest thing to bliss I could imagine.

It would be nice to have another Christmas with my grandmother, but it's not meant to be. She was a woman before her time, smart, opinionated, and magically gifted with the needle and thread. Her eye for color and design was another gift she left to me, and her laugh and her intense love for me fueled my dreams.

I wish for you this Christmas someone in your life whose love and devotion carries you through difficult times. Whether it is a friend, a mentor, a teacher or a family member, it's easier to push through the hard stuff when you know there is someone on your side.


Becky Brocato said...

well said, by friend, well said. hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

You too Becky! Batten down the hatches, they are predicting freezing weather for us this week! xoxox

Art with Liz said...

What a beautiful painting - an incredible subject Nancy. I will always associate you with sunflowers - whilst doing a little sunflower watercolour, my thoughts were of you the whole time. Have a great Festive Season and stay warm!

Autumn Leaves said...

What a joy it is to know how you feel about your grandmother, Nancy. I can only hope that one day my grandchildren feel the same about me. This garden spot makes me just want to be out there with a book...maybe a throw...sigh...Hoping you and your sweeties all have a wonderful holiday, Nancy.

James Parker said...

What nice thoughts and memories, Nancy. My grandmother bought me my first 64 color crayon box and I was in Heaven. Your place to dream amid the sunflowers and poppies is enchanting...and the Hill Country Lane is special. Hope the new year brings all kinds of opportunities and good fortune for you. For now, have a joyous and meaningful Christmas, and drop by my place for some holiday cheer.