Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minnow and Toad - Pet Portrait

Minnow and Toad - Pug Brothers
Custom Pet Portrait by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas

Custom Pet Portrait

The best way to get a good pet portrait is to meet your subjects in person. I brought my camera and paid a visit to their mom, Miranda's place to get some good photos of Minnow and Toad, pug brothers. We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather and brought along a squeaky toy to keep them focused on the camera instead of play, which is what they wanted to do most of all. Miranda bid on and won a custom pet portrait I donated to the Dallas Fort Worth PugOWeen Auction.

I loved painting these two rambunctious energetic little guys, and the greatest bonus was getting kisses from both the four-footed models!

Miranda: Okay guys - It's time to pose
for your photoshoot! No, the camera
is not this way, it's that way!!!

He may be a Toad, but he sure can wiggle!

Minnow gets some mom hugs.

Toad sez - can we go play now?

Toad chomps on Minnow's leg
as a sign of brotherly affection.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Great painting. We love the photo shoot..BOL
Benny & Lily

Edward Burton said...

I absolutely LOVE it, Nancy!

mormar said...

Wow, they looked like they were having entirley too much fun. But you sure did capture them well.

Marie Theron said...

Of course they wiggled! It takes a very brave animal to compete with your lovely flower paintings!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh my gosh, Nancy! This is a fabulous portrait and I LOVE the day with Miranda and her little bundles of love. Look at their beautiful eyes in your portrait! They look so real!! Miranda has a gorgeous little pug family and she is quite a stunner too! I rather adore her blue streaks!

Unknown said...

Thank you lil Benny and Lily, you are such nice Frenchies! Mormar, they were having so much fun, the yard was the size of a small football field and they were racing all over the place.
Marie, you are so nice, sending you hugs from chilly Dallas across the world!
Autumn thank you - isn't Miranda cute, she is such a nice gal, too. What a fun project this was!

Unknown said...

Thanks Edward! happy almost new year to you and Kim and the studio assistants!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

What a great portrait N already sold.
I am very happy for you.I am sure that you had lots of fun.
Happy new year, okay almost..

Becky said...

They are so cute! Love the blue in her hair. You did gerat once again! Happy New Year!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Nancy the portrait is stunning!
I know you made someone very happy with the beauty and personality that you captured.
You did magic!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Here's to you, Nancy, the best pug painter around! Great painting! Adorable pugs - and, MAN I love their mom's blue in her hair! If I were braver....