Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minnow and Toad - Pet Portrait

Minnow and Toad - Pug Brothers
Custom Pet Portrait by Nancy Medina
Oil on Canvas

Custom Pet Portrait

The best way to get a good pet portrait is to meet your subjects in person. I brought my camera and paid a visit to their mom, Miranda's place to get some good photos of Minnow and Toad, pug brothers. We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather and brought along a squeaky toy to keep them focused on the camera instead of play, which is what they wanted to do most of all. Miranda bid on and won a custom pet portrait I donated to the Dallas Fort Worth PugOWeen Auction.

I loved painting these two rambunctious energetic little guys, and the greatest bonus was getting kisses from both the four-footed models!

Miranda: Okay guys - It's time to pose
for your photoshoot! No, the camera
is not this way, it's that way!!!

He may be a Toad, but he sure can wiggle!

Minnow gets some mom hugs.

Toad sez - can we go play now?

Toad chomps on Minnow's leg
as a sign of brotherly affection.

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