Sunday, December 27, 2009

Limes, Lilac and Sunflowers

Limes, Lilac and Sunflowers
Oil on Linen Board
Daily Painters Gallery

Limes, Lilac and Sunflowers was a painting that had a name before it was painted. Limes and Lilac sounded like the perfect title for a painting. I tossed in a slice of lemon, too, because things are better with a little twist.

This afternoon at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs, we dug out the red holiday scarves and after everyone romped in the yard for a bit, it was time for a pugpile on the couch.

Puggies doin' what puggies do best...


Becky said...

You whip out those paintings in no time or so it seems. Very nice! The puggy pile is so cute! Hope you had a nice Christmas. Was it a white one?

L.Holm said...

All of your sunflowers are beautiful, Nancy~ Never too many! Adorable pub pile! While visions of sugar plums.....or dog biscuits...danced in their heads..

Tweedles -- that's me said...

There is nothing better than a nice cozy pugpile to snuggle into.
Make room for me!
The limes, lavenders and sunflower painting is sooo beautiful.

A New England Life said...

Such a wonderful combination of subjects. You always know how to make things work Nancy.

Winston sure wishes he had a multitude of pugs to snuggle with! They are darling in the red scarves too.


Unknown said...

Becky it WAS a white Christmas, like a gift. It was wonderful, though two thirds of the puggy population here do not enjoy the snow so much. : ) Happy holidays!

Liz thank you so much, I think you are right about the dreaming of dog biscuits.... xoxox

Tweedleypug, we have six large beds but these fatties prefer to all sleep in a pile. I'm sure on more little cutey would be no problem at all!

Sharon I bet Winna is sitting in his dad's lap enjoying football tonight! just a hunch... : )

Autumn Leaves said...

The pile o' pugs is adorable, Nancy! They just seem like such cute little characters! The painting is gorgeous, as always, and I love the "twist" you've added, just to keep things fresh!

Sharon said...

Your painting are just beautiful. I am just a hobby painter. Enjoy your work!!! Sharon

Marie Theron said...

It is always a joy to experience your happy paintings and happy pug family, Nancy!

Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful, Nancy. Love those pugs!