Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Confetti and Lilacs

Confetti and Lilacs
Oil on Linen Board

We're counting down the days to Christmas holiday at Flower Mound Studio this week. This has put me in the mood for bright florals and the assistants have been trying on some new outfits that arrived from one of our dearest friends, Aunty Joan, in the mail this week. Joan and her official spokespug and supermodel Skippy design some of the best accessories for the four footed little ones on the Web. You can see photos of some famous doggies at her store Linden Line Designs. Thank you for these beautiful scarves Aunty Joan!

Howie in his new holiday attire


Marie Theron said...

Those flowers are quite difficult and unstructured, so how do you paint them? I also love the title. My goodness, will the pugamunity be needing winter woollies for the colder days?

Autumn Leaves said...

I so love lilacs; their beauty, their scent, their fragility...sigh...I can almost smell these, Nancy! I really love the contrasting orange vase with the complementary green leaves overlapping...Just beautiful, as always. I must say that as dapper as Howie looks in his new Christmas duds, he is wearing quite an expression of wondering just what the heck Mommy was making him do! LOLOL

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy and p's!
oh my gosh! the new painting is beautiful and howie is a work of art in his new scarf!
m & e

Elena Malec said...

One of the most superbe of your paitings.Splendid piece of art, Nancy!

Unknown said...

Warm greetings from across the globe Miss Marie! The puggies prefer running about the house au naturale, but they do like to nap by the footheaters. ; ) My recipe for lilacs, paint fast and don't think too much, dark warm colors beneath and light, light highlights alla prima... happy holidays my friend!

Autumn, I love them too how I WISH I could grow them in Texas. Howie was sitting by the cookie jar. Thus the rapt expression if peaked interest on his face. ; ) xoxox

Thank you Melissy and Emmy, I trust you are snuggling with your bears and staying warm in chilly Colly-Rawdo???

Elena, what a kind comment thank you so much, I was so happy to find your blog and I'm glad you visited me! I used to live in Irvine so please say hello to all the landmarks for me, I miss the sunshine there...

Jean Levert Hood said...

That is one gorgeous painting! So strong and vibrant! Wonderful job, Nancy!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Howie you are SO handsome!
Benny & Lily
Beautiful picture!

Roxanne Steed said...

Howie is just doggone dapper!! lovin' these flowers as always! Now that it's wintery up here in CT, I'm searching through all my flower/garden photos (& dreaming of next summer). Visiting your blog is like a mini-vacation to a flower garden oasis! :-)