Saturday, December 5, 2009

Argyle Acres Iris Farm

Argyle Acres Iris Farm
Oil on Linen Board

Here is my newest iris landscape paintings, Argyle Acres Iris Farm, one of the largest I have painted to date from this farm so close to my home. Irises are fun to paint because they each have their own personalities. They're unpredictable and just a little rowdy with their petals, throwing things off in unexpected directions.

And here's a visit to an earlier blog post about our first tour of the Argyle Acres Iris Farm - I thought you might enjoy seeing some of these images again, which have inspired me for over a year to create new iris works of art!

About 10 miles from Flower Mound is a little town called Argyle, Texas, where you can find some amazing houses and lots of mature trees. I was thrilled to discover there is also an Iris farm there - Argyle Acres, owned by Joe and Donna Spears. Carlos and I arrived at opening time last season, me with my new camera in hand eager to capture some colorful flowers to paint!

We parked along the street and followed the signs up the winding road to the Iris farm headquarters! I could hardly believe my luck, we had driven all over Fredericksburg, Texas, last weekend looking for irises and there were none to be found. And here they were, all along, practically in my own neighborhood. (This photo was taken by Argyle Acres farm).

Joe and Donna have won many awards and sweepstakes for their incredible varieties of irises. They work year around to produce these amazing flowers. Joe showed me one iris flower that smelled exactly like root beer, and another one that smelled strongly of grape candy.

Donna is an artist with a green thumb, arranging the flowers in pleasing combinations of color on the display tables. She told me that the green glass vases are required at the shows. The green does not detract from the flowers. Made sense to me! Just like putting an museum quality gold frame on a painting, sometimes the frame competes with the art.

See why I have already put this on my calendar for next year? I cannot believe my good fortune to find them and get to visit on the absolute last day. I think it's those angels pulling strings again. If you love color, and you love flowers, this place is like Disneyworld with no lines and free rides.

I wish I were organized enough to tell you what every type was named, but just taking pictures without dropping the camera or falling over a rock was pretty good for me.

Carlos fell in love with the yellow irises. There may have been 15 different KINDS of yellow irises. It was all a little overwhelming. I felt like I had been granted some magical wish to spend the day here.

My favorite were the purple and blue irises. Look at these gorgeous ruffles. Donna said there were several varieties that bloom twice, and will give you color not only in the spring, but in the fall, too.

Look closely at this intrepid little mountain climber. Gripped in his left feeler is his Bug State Flag. As soon as he gets to the top of that petal, he will plant his flag and wave his little feet around in victory, observed only by God and some strange human with a camera he is unaware of. Next he will sit his little bug butt down and eat a power bar before he starts the trek downhill to Rest Camp 3. He's already imagining all the amazing climbing stories he will wow the lady bugs with.

Mark your calendars for April 2010, the iris season opener for Argyle Acres Iris Farm. I can hardly wait until next year!


Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous painting (I love the feel of a bit of stormy skies in the background!), Nancy, truly. For the first time ever, I must say that the reality is even more gorgeous! What a find Argyle Farm is! I love that last photo of the orange/burnt orange iris. I truly did not know there were so many colors of irises! How fortunate they are to have you doing their portraits!!

Marie Theron said...

Incredible painting, Nancy. And thank you for the pictorial story-telling that you do, as we learn so much. I think your motto is: Follow that flower, because you seem to find them everywhere!

Roxanne Steed said...

beautiful painting - what an inspiration! This farm is such a awesome place!!!

Unknown said...

Autumn I wish you could see some of the exotics, I will post some of the images in the future. Have you ever heard of "dinner plate" irises? I learned so much that day. I sure hope the ones we purchased bloom!

Marie, I love that motto!!! think I shall "acquire" it. thanks!

Thank you Roxanne! it really is. happy painting!

Marian Fortunati said...

I was taken with your iris painting and scrolled down to read your post and I saw all those gorgeous photos... WOW... what a treasure... all of it... the photos, the words AND the painting!!!

Arcobaleno said...

...incredible!!! beautiful!!! as usual!!!!
hugs and kiss!!!

Becky Brocato said...

A delight! The painting is so wonderful. And thanks for the pictorial about the iris farm. What an awesome place!