Monday, November 23, 2009

Pansy Trio

Pansy Trio
Oil on Linen Board

Pansy Trio is the newest batch of blossoms on the easel in Flower Mound Studio. Pansies are one of the only Texas flowers that can survive the first chill, which may be heading toward Dallas in the coming week. We pulled out the down comforter last night and the puggies and the human folk have been enjoying the extra comfy softness at bedtime. Wherever you are I hope you have someone warm to snuggle with and a Thanksgiving Day celebration with family and loved ones to look forward to!

Emmitt's nifty new Sweater Hat

Emmitt the Pug is ready for winter with the new Sweater Hat his mom Melissa made for him. Melissa and Emmitt-Pants are two of our favorite creative people. You can see more of the beautiful creations of Melissa's Pugnotes and pictures of her handsome assistant on her blog. Emmitt is a mother bear ambassador for children in South Africa. You will find few pugs and peeps with hearts as big as those that belong to Melissa and Emmitt.


Autumn Leaves said...

I so love your posts and their words. Always filled with such joy and love of life, Nancy. I'm starting to look more forward to that than to the beautiful paintings you offer us! Beautiful art and a beautiful family of hearts you have.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy and the p's!
ohhhhh! we LOVE your new paintings and Emmypants is honored to be on your bloggy today!
we love you!
have a super day!
m & ep