Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First Annual Autumn Arts Challenge and Competition on Facebook

A Quiet Morning
Oil on Canvas

It's quiet in Flower Mound Studio this morning. Besides the Halloween festivities in our neighborhood last night, entries closed for the first Autumn Arts Painting Challenge on Facebook at midnight last night. My painty pals and fellow contest coordinators Jean Levert Hood and Sandy Askey-Adams were astounded to discover we had over 1000 artists sign up and over 920 entries for our first contest. Global and free, the three of us came up with the idea of a contest that would give even beginning artists a chance to get a toe in the door of the world of art.

Why not open up something to artists everywhere, with no entry fees, and no barriers beyond the ability to post an image on Facebook? With a few weeks of discussion and a healthy amount of caffeine, we recruited three nationally known judges and prizes from some of the best art suppliers in the country. The Pastel Journal and American Artist Magazine, among others, have indicated they want to write about the event, and the historic Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art in New Hope, PA, will be hosting a gala in the spring to showcase the winning entries.

If you joined us for the Autumn Arts Facebook Challenge, thank you so much for creating new works in October and sharing them with us for the judges to review. We've already been asked when the next contest will be. Jean and Sandy and I will put our heads together and come up with some new plans, right after the winners are announced for this one!

Join us on Facebook to hear the updates. And before you peruse those 900 plus Autumn Arts original paintings, I highly suggest a double shot espresso with whippy creme on top. Sugar, caffeine, and painting pals were our secret ingredients!


Unknown said...

The response give tribute to who you are as a person and as an artist. Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sheila! you are so kind, lady. sending you hugs from across the miles!

Julie B said...

Nancy, a huge, hearfelt thank you to you and your two partners in crime for coming up with this great idea. As one who has organized many competitions (albeit of the horsey kind), I can appreciate the hard work and headaches involved. And, you did it all with grace and good-nature! I'm thrilled to be a participant, and am grateful for the opportunity to "rub shoulders" with so many talented artists.

Angela Elledge said...

Ya'll are incredible for taking on such a huge endeavor. I still have not had time to go through all of the entries, but what I have seen is an outstanding collection of work. I am sorry I was unable to follow through, but there's the next challenge, right?!

And very dramatic geraniums, Miss Nancy :-)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

No more words to say, except
What a spectacular display of beautiful Geraniums!

Autumn Leaves said...

Another blog I follow was talking about this challenge, Nancy. Her painting was gorgeous. With 920 entries, I imagine it was tough judging! What a great turnout. I suspect you three had the most fun in the planning, especially with your sugar, coffe, and whippy cream! LOL

Pam Holnback said...

Thanks so much again to the 3 of you. It was such a thrill to see all the work as it came in, and also a thrill to particiapte. You guys answered every question, over and over, were so patient and gracious.

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies, I honestly could not have taken this on without Sandy and Jean, they worked so hard and really put their hearts into it. What a great way to connect with new artists all over the world it has been!

Donna said...

The title fits the painting perfectly. Beautiful! said...

Nancy -
I love "Quiet Morning". It absolutely glows! I just joined your Facebook group too and I hope you have another competition!


Edward Burton said...

What an endeavor and what a painting, Nancy - gorgeous!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
this conest is absolutely amazing!
it has only just begun and look how many people you have touched!